Terminator - T800 and Endo Rifle WIP

This T800 is a model I started a while back and I recently decided to come back to complete the full endo-skeleton. Having only photographic reference to work from, I found it to be a good challenge to interpret all of the complex shapes. I wanted to stay true to the original design, but I did alter some of the proportions (particularly in the neck and shoulders) to more appropriately match orthographic reference of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The endo rifle is something I put together over the last week to include in my final image. Both were completely modeled in Maya and rendered with Mental Ray. Next step is to rig and pose. Check back for updates!




This a personal project I've been working on in my free time to practice with some more advanced rendering techniques. I primarily used ZBrush and Photoshop for sculpting and hand painting textures, and rendered with Mental Ray. This is my first time diving into Maya's nHair system and I found it very intuitive and fun to work with.


La Ritournelle Character

This is one of the characters I modeled and textured for a short film project called "La Ritournelle"

I put together this render as a promotional piece for the project. The chair is the only thing I did not create in this image. It is a prop modeled for the film by another artist. However, I provided the texturing and shading for everything in this piece and rendered it with Mental Ray in Maya.



Fable Streams Characters

These are just a few of the character I created for Fable Streams Entertainment. I had a poly count of 1000-2000 to work with and a max texture size of 1024 x 1024.

These models were completed in 2-4 days each. Modeled in Maya. Normal maps and textures were created with ZBrush and Photoshop.

Half Orc







Bruce Lee WIP

I decided to work on my Bruce muscle study more and make a complete model. Modeled with Maya and ZBrush. Textured in ZBrush and Photoshop. Hair done with Shave and a Hair Cut.



This model was created for Flashback (2011) I designed/created the textures and bump maps for this model using ZBrush and Photoshop. Rendered in Maya with Mental Ray.



Skeleton Study

I did this primarily as a study of the human bones to freshen up on my skeletal anatomy. This one was all done in Maya. I may make specific texture and bump maps for it in the future, but for now I just put some solid fractals together in a SSS shader.


Batcave and Batmobile

I redid the shaders on my Batmobile model and decided I wanted to build an environment for it as well. I ended up designing my own take on the Batcave and this is what I came up with.




I made this scene for my demo reel while at Full Sail University. The character is modeled after myself, and I designed the suit from a collaboration of several different references. The head and the organic parts of the suit are polygons, everything else is NURBs.

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